Working in this not-so-popular country can leave $700 to $3000 in your bank account monthly, after tax and living expenses

Unlike in Europe, you don’t need to pack sh*t or do menial jobs to make this money. You don’t even have to go as a student as you’d be entering the country on work visa. You don’t need proof of fund as well.

You’ll be doing one of the most dignified jobs in the world, and no prior experience is needed.

If this tickles your fancy, read on.

Dear Friend,

My name is Quadri Adewuyi, I’m from Nigeria but currently live and work abroad.

With the present condition of the economy I can’t blame any African who is willing to relocate abroad for a better living. I used to be a strong advocate of not leaving your country but when the reality hit me, I changed my mind.


Back in my home country, Nigeria, I was an entrepreneur who was earning an average of N400,000 (550 USD) monthly from his business.

I was somewhat satisfied with my income even though many friends advised me to leave the country, that I would earn way higher than that with less hassle.

I took their advice with a pinch of salt because I couldn’t face leaving home to work as “a gas attendant” (lol) in a foreign country (something I could never do at home).  

2020 came, COVID 19 struck and business went awry. I was barely earning 10% of my regular income!

Even when businesses were reopening towards the end of 2021, things weren’t the same for me (in fact, for anyone). This was when I decided to finally give going to work abroad a shot.

I considered different countries, particularly UK.

Being the most guaranteed option, I decided to take the studentship route.  I applied and gained admission into different UK universities 

I was about to pay my tuition fee deposit when I had a rethink.

On YouTube, I watched videos of some students schooling and working abroad.

They were lamenting seriously on how uneasy it was for them to combine both.  

The part that got to me was the near impossibility of being able to balance up the tuition fee from their 20-hour work earning as students.

Don’t take my word for it, you may check the videos below:

On account of this, I decided to consider Canada but quickly dropped the thought because many unscrupulous travel agents were taking advantage of people to get rich. 

Moreover, getting a work visa to Canada could take forever, coupled with scarce jobs over there these days.

In November 2021, I made the astounding discovery about a not-so-popular country known as Vietnam. 

It’s a very beautiful foreigner-friendly country with many teaching job opportunities. 

Right now, I live and work there, and I make over $2,000 monthly. 

If you are interested, out of my tight scheduled, I have created a webinar for you. 

This webinar is for anyone who wants to leave their home country, as soon as possible, in search of greener pasture abroad, and he/she’s isn’t keen on Australia, US, UK or Canada. ​

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Quadri A. Adewuyi

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